On the Table For Winter

You may remember that last year we started a seasonal series on the Mokhado blog with the autumn edition of On the Table. We’re back this month to give you a taste of the flavours you can bet we’ll be enjoying all season long.



Parsnips have been enjoyed at the dinner table in their roasted form for years and years, and we can’t wait to have plenty of helpings of this roasted sweet root veg all winter long. However, this year we’re slowly discovering the other ways you can serve this surprisingly versatile veg. Did you know, for example, that when peeled and cubed, then fried in macadamia nut oil until golden brown, they make the most delicious crispy fries? Alternatively, cut into chunks and boil until tender then mash with a little butter for a wonderful alternative to mash - it makes a great topping for shepherd’s pie! 



image:    Jessica Spengler    

A very British way to add a delicious kick to your meals and warm yourself up. Whether it’s mustard powder, dijon mustard or our beloved wholegrain, we’ll be spicing up our soups, sandwiches and just about everything else we can get our hands on with this stuff all winter. It’s easier than you think to make it yourself, and we just might have to try this recipe for homemade beer mustard



image:    liz west

image: liz west

The grapefruit is making a small comeback now that it’s slowly getting over it’s reputation as the miserable breakfast food of the 1980s dieter. Sliced thinly, it makes a visually pleasing addition to hearty winter salads, or for a fancy brunch, sprinkle with brown sugar and grill until a delicious golden crust is formed. It’s in season in the UK throughout the winter, and you can find it in the same section as oranges at the supermarket.


Roast Dinners

Imagine a winter without a roast dinner, it would be like December without Christmas. Simply unbearable. We love the classic chicken with rosemary roast potatoes, the roast beef with yorkshire puddings, even the occasional veggie butternut squash filo pie. If it’s a Sunday, you can bet we’ll be digging in to a plate covered in gravy. Give your greens on the side something special by frying them in a splash of avocado oil..

Which foods will you be tucking into the most this season? We’d love to hear about them, why not get in touch and tell us on Twitter or Facebook?