What is Avocado Oil?

This super versatile oil is made from A-grade South African avocados, all grown in the Levubu valley in Limpopo Province. Only the soft green flesh of these top quality avocados is pressed to extract the oil contained in the fruit, but nothing is wasted. The pit and skin is kept and reworked into natural animal feed or used as compost ploughed back into the orchards.

Avocado oil has a smooth yet grassy flavour. It's high smoking point makes it brilliant for high heat stir fries and general frying, in addition to making delicious raw vinaigrettes or finishing dishes with a drizzle.  

And there’s health benefits - studies have shown that regular consumption of Avocado Oil improves the ratio of good to bad cholesterol.  It also contains Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant.