Introducing: Mokhado

Mokhado is heart healthy oils from the Limpopo region of South Africa. Through a skills sharing partnership between established family-owned groves and local small farmers, the freshest, ripe fruit and nuts are hand picked to produce this range of extra virgin, first pressing oil that ensures superior quality and taste. 

Grown in the sub-tropical climate of the Levubu Valley in the balmy north and the Cape region in the south of South Africa, there is absolutely zero wastage of the avocados, macadamia or apricot pits in the production of these oils. Every bit of the fruit or nut is used either to make these delicious oils, or as natural animal feed or as compost ploughed back into the orchards. 

Mokhado’s founder, Chrisjan Van den Berg, says, “My family have been growing fruit trees for generations and to finally launch our own range of pure and heart-healthy oils into the mainstream is a dream come true.  We’ve been cooking with these oils in our family for generations because they taste so great - and now we can try and put them on every kitchen table in the land.  It feels good.”